Nature Provides The Best Skincare

Every woman fights a war with her skin, whether her battle is dry skin, oily skin prone to acne, or aging skin. There are millions of weapons to fight this never-ending war, but many are actually harder on the skin. Treating the skin gently and naturally is proven to have the best results.

The first step in using nature’s tools is to evaluate the organic beauty products in your daily regime. Many products contain some type of sulfate, which typically causes the foaming and sudsy effect. These have been proven to not only irritate the fragile surface of the skin, but the eyes and lungs as well. Similar effects have been linked to synthetic colors, the chemicals involved in the “fragrance” listed on the list of ingredients, and the preservatives in each product. Read the ingredients label and choose only those that have safe and truly natural ingredients, or stick to making your own.

Beware of overcompensating for your particular issue. It may seem only natural to use extra moisture on your excessively dry skin, but this can actually be harmful. If you are constantly inundating your dry skin with extra oils and moisture, it will try and compensate for this by becoming even drier. The same is true of oily skin; constantly attempting to strip the skin of the oils it produces will send the skin into hyper-drive and produce more oil. It’s best to follow the general rule that nature knows best, meaning to treat your skin similarly to it’s biological tendencies.

Many natural skin care products can be purchased at your local grocery store. Honey, with its antibacterial properties, can be used as a cleanser to prevent breakouts, as well as take care of excess oil without stripping the skin of the essentials. Natural coconut oil, which has a plethora of uses, can be used as a refreshing and effective eye-makeup remover. Green tea and pomegranate have both been found to protect the skin from harmful UV rays. Coffee grounds can be used in a body scrub to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

There are some great online resources that provide recipes for natural skincare products. Naturally occurring ingredients always provide the best, safest skincare routines, and can always be trusted. When selecting your products, remember to steer clear of harmful chemicals and additives. Always make sure to treat your skin gently, and never try to overcompensate for its natural inclinations.

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