Essential Facts For Cruiser Bikes

Cruiser bikes developed out of the need for a laid back beach bike and a utilitarian styled bike suited for surfers and avid beach goers. A cruiser bike is typically shaped differently than a standard road bike. Cruiser bikes are sometimes mistaken for female bicycles because of the low crotch bar that typically assists women who are wearing dresses. In the case of cruiser bikes this is done so for the possible hauling capabilities and possible extra passengers that many use these bikes for. With a low crotch bar the pilot could allow another person to crouch on the low bar and ride down a hill toward the ocean. Another common use for this unique characteristic of cruiser bikes is to attach a cooler to the low crotch bar. This could be anything from sandwiches and lemonade to beer.

There is an interesting feature that cruiser bikes all generally share and that is the sizing of their tires. Cruiser bikes are going to have much wider tires and there a few reasons for this. the first reason for thicker tires is for the purpose of biking in the sand. A wider tire gets better traction as there is more surface for contacting the sand. The other purpose is for speed control. A cruiser bike is generally going to be a slower bike than some of the other available models. Wider tires produce a greater amount of friction and so they limit the speed the bike can go. One of the unwritten reasons is that the wider contact surface helps for when the bike is used for towing.

Towing is one thing that many beach visitors use cruiser bikes for. This is a popular model among surfers because they can tow everything they need to and from the beach. Many attach surf board mounting racks onto the side of theirĀ cruiser bicycles while others will fashion a towing trailer that holds all of their items for the beach. Cruiser bikes are geared for easy pedaling which can really help when towing a heavy load down to the beach. Cruisers are not geared for speed but for ease of the ride. It is important to note that the maximum speed of most cruiser bikes is going to be far lower than that of a road bike or a racing bike. Cruiser bikes are great for the purpose they are attempting to fill.

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